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About Us

Lucifero is a Restaurant with Cocktails Bar, overlooking P.zza Viani, one of the most characteristics squares of the dock of Viareggio.


The Restaurant serves a selection of fish courses from Italian and local tradition, besides some vegetarian proposals and a fantastic menu of dessert from our production with the Patalani Patisserie.


The Cocktail Bar serves the best international cocktails in the classic version or according to our innovative reinterpretation.


For those who want both pleasures, we propose a series of dishes of our gastronomy gourmet as accompaniment to cocktails or a glass of wine from our small and selected Winery.


Opening Times

From Monday to Sunday 18:30 - 00:00


Piazza Lorenzo Viani, 20

55049 Viareggio (LU)


T. +39 0584 391163

C. +39 371 1190117

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